Two Methods to Overcome Boredom in Trading

How to deal with boredom in trading. Trading is boring. At least one part of it. The execution, where you just have to do what has to be done. What you have to do is putting on risk on your best setups...

Trading and Morality

Morality in latin moralis means proper behaviour. It is dependant on culture and religion. Basically it is a form of ethical perspectives. Right or wrong. Good and bad. The law is such a code of conduct,...

Are Intraday Expert Advisors Profitable?

A special type of EA’s are the ones that open and close trades within a day. In this post I will discuss some points that are worth your attention before investing in such an algorithm. Scalping...

Are Expert Advisors a Good Investment?

Expert advisors, also called EA’s are automated trading systems built in the mql4 language, Metatrader 4 house-made. They are basically algorithmic trading strategies. To cover the whole topic of algorithmic...

How long to Hold on to a Trade?

Traders often face the problem of exiting a trade too early or too late. Holding time is something that can be analyzed more to improve your trading results. Every underlying has its own statistical properties....

How to Analyze Sentiment and COT Report

Sentiment is usually considered as a contrarian indicator. However, there are different approaches to interpret the behaviour of retail traders. Profit motive Retail traders are “non-commercials“,...


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My name is Niclas, I'm trading futures since 6 years.

Leveraged products offer a high risk exposure and 95% of people don't understand the real risks in trading them.

I teach traders how to understand risk on a professional level. Moreover, I created the Risk Simulator to give the trader community a tool, that is useful for anyone who trades a trading system.

If you want to improve your risk management skills and learn more about trading. Visit my courses or read articles in my blog section.

Risk Disclaimer

Before buying or selling any kind of derivatives, you should carefully review the rules and regulations of the exchanges offering the system and/or listing the instruments you intend to trade. Trading has inherent risk due to system response and access times that may vary due to market conditions, system performance, and other factors. You should understand these and additional risks before trading. None of the information provided on this website constitutes a solicitation to trade any investment or security of any kind. Read the full Risk Disclaimer.

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