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What other people say.

„Absolutely no fluff in this course. The instructors gets right to business. No pie-in-the-sky promises, just real examples that can be utilized and built upon immediately.“

James Sommer

Course Content


Learn how to analyze any underlying and extract key metrics to compare different asset classes and underlyings to find the products that help reach your objectives.


Learn how to calculate correlation on a trade to trade or portfolio basis. You'll also learn to reveal hidden correlations and how to deal with them.

Position Sizing

Learn how to find the correct position size for your trading system based on monte carlo simulations and more.

The Risk Plan

Learn how to never risk too much and how to keep the drawdowns always low, so you never lose money in the trading game.


Learn how to improve risk/reward and hitrate by learning different techniques for stoplosses, trailing, entry and exits to improve your risk management.


Learn how to keep track of everything you're doing with example files and how to get out of drawdowns with the help of your own journaling.
Chapter Length
Introduction 05:48
Volatility I 22:14
Volatility II 25:02
Correlations 15:04
Position Sizing I 08:39
Position Sizing II 10:24
The Risk Plan 11:48
Stoplosses & Entries 14:37
Exits & Order Execution 14:18
Journaling 27:05
Total 2:30:30

Take Action to Protect your Trading Capital 

The goals of this course:

  • Reach your trading goals...

  • ...while at the same time NOT destroying your trading account!

  • + Make you aware of hidden risks in your current trading and think volatility like a bank

Risk Management is basically everything you need to trade successfully, start learning the truly important topics today!

You won't learn about your real risk inherent in trading if you're just randomly browsing the web. You will fall into the arms of fake trading educators, who are hired by retail brokers. They will tell you some fancy technical trading strategies and are silent about the fact, that volatility is the only thing that creates opportunity, that risks are often taken blindly and that trading is limited.

Do it different and learn the boundaries of what's possible in the financial markets and what not. It doesn't matter if you're already trading or you're a beginner. And it doesn't matter whether you trade crypto, forex, stocks, futures or CFD's....

My course gets into the nitty details about all topics to build your edge and make it almost impossible for you to lose the trading game... or at least increase your chanes dramatically if you are taking the steps needed!

My video course will teach you nothing about technical analysis, screw that. You are going to learn more important things, you will learn how BIG BANKS see VOLATILITY and define OPPORTUNITIES in them without having a bias

...because it all depends on STATISTICS and MATHEMATICS.

Maybe you know it already: increasing risk/reward and the number of winning trades in your overall trading history will make you more profit.

But do you really understand how to be the trader, that trades with a good risk/reward by letting winners run and how to be the trader that manages his losses in the most efficient way?

Trading is not about experience, it is about understanding reality. And the trading game looks very shiny to those who are hoping around in it. The reality is not something that you maybe want to hear, because you believe the TV stories and the Youtube Commercials and people on instagram.

What comes closer to reality brings you closer to risk management and the necessity to improve yourself daily in it. Every day is a chance to be a better trader.

Only if you understand volatility and correlations, you can really say that one trade has nothing to do with the other. And then it becomes a game of maths: you will learn how to calculate maximum drawdown depending on your trading skill and how to scale up risk in accordance with your trading system, so that you will never risk too much and lose your shirt overall.

What you will learn:

  • Understand the connection between volatility and opportunity

  • Create an opportunity set, that fits you

  • Hidden risks: different forms of correlations

  • How to not overtrade by respecting the statistics of an underlying

  • How to develop a risk scaling plan to protect your trading capital

  • How to improve exits, entries: create a Reason2Sell list and an entry/exit management plan

  • How to execute orders efficiently in stocks and futures

  • How to track your trades and improve daily on your own insights

  • How to build an edge with journaling

  • How to get out of drawdowns with variable tracking

  • ... and more!

You want to stop losing your shirt in the markets? This course will help you do that, no bullshit!

I'm not just talking around, I have over 6 years of active trading experience and can empathize with traders.

Beginners often don't want to see the risks, because they are believing that they are special and that trading is easy.

But you need to learn risk management before running a trading system, similar to learning how to use the brake if you're driving a car.

Take this course and start a successfull trading career!

  • Unlimited lifetime access to the course

  • Bonus material: Excel Files, and other sample files to bring you on the right track

  • I'm always here to answer your questions

  • And I really don't want you to lose your hard earned capital!

I have successfully mentored dozens of students and helped to protect them from too much risk in the market.

You will not regret taking this course!

Take Action To Protect Your Trading Capital
...and learn effective techniques to improve your trade management, position sizing and much more.
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"Risk management, specializatiom and a deep understanding of statistics is all that a trader needs. My mission is to make traders understand the reality of the financial markets from a risk perspective."

I'm Niclas and I believe anyone can become successfull in trading.

I will be honest with you: there are no shortcuts for succes with trading.

If you don't have the willingness to change and you're not open to learn, then there's no hope. But if you want to achieve true mastery over yourself and gain financial freedom, you can definitely do it! It depends on your mindset and engagement, nothing else.

My story...

I wanted to study and then get a good paying and safe job. The change of mind came when I travelled the world for the first time and realized that travelling is what I wanted to do more of. I needed money to get out of Germany again.

When I first got my hands on trading, I burned my fingers. Not just the first time, a dozen of times. I have been studying diligently but despite all the efforts, computer screens and trading plans the market kept humbling me.

I always had the feeling that "the market" was not good to me. But in reality, there were patterns of self-sabotage in my mind. See the picture below.

Over the many years of trading the markets, I saw the things that made sense to me, used the knowledge that I got from various coaches and adapted it to my needs. I'm consistent in my approach, even if markets change.

At the end of the day, trading should make your life better, get you out of the 8-hour-work-week and give you a great risk/reward, also on your time.

Why do I tell you all of this?

I tried many things in trading, I've been sitting on the computer screen 10 hours per day without results. I spent more than 15,000 hours on researching trading systems and active trading. I did all of this while not being able to see the truth in front of my eyes: probabilities, statistics, repeating but changing patterns, opportunities and risks, simple as that.

After all, I'm happy, that I set forth on a road full of deep lections about myself, discipline, self-control and an abundance of important humiliating experiences. I had to start all over again many times from nothing, but there was and is always a way.

I thank you for taking your time to read my story.

If You Are Interested In learning The Markets As They Are To Correctly Understand Where Opportunity Is And Where Not, Then...
...let's take action together.
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