The Impatience Problem in Trading

You have figured out the statistics of profitability, letting your winners run and wait for good opportunities to come to you?

Despite, something is not working. It’s not your strategy that is faulty, it’s about yourself. Your lack of patience.

Patience: a precious ressource

Patience is a resource, that must be filled up every day. It’s a scarce commodity and is used in the process of waiting, focusing and concentrating on something. A lack thereof can be the killer for any trading system.

Isn’t it a tragedy that people can exactly know how to accumulate wealth in trading by just following a simple plan, just for then watching themselves destroying their dreams and hopes by their own hands with impatience?

This very tragedy in trading, the weird difference between plan and behavior is something that Nietzsche has written in words.

“There is a gap between taking and giving; and the smallest gap can be bypassed last.”

– Nietzsche

After all insights about trading, statistic, hard trial and error, humiliating losses and 1000’s of hours screen time the smallest gap between taking (from the market) and giving (patience) is very hard to overcome even if it seems so small.

“What is great in human is that they are a bridge and not a purpose: what can be loved about human is that they are a passage and a demise.”

– Nietzsche

As humans we are always changing, learning and adapting. Ultimately, it’s possible to respect the value of patience in trading. Signs that show you must work on your patience problem:

  • Feeling tired after concentrating for only 5 minutes
  • Feeling of not being able to control own behavior
  • Feeling of always doing the opposite of what you planned to do

Patience is something that is deep in a man’s or woman’s psychology.

Everyone has a lot of it, patience is love and commitment, it is the will to live and congruent with sex drive. Why then is it so hard to access this powerful thing? And for passing the bridge to profitable trading it is necessary to find a way in. But where and how?

You must know by yourself.

There is no one that can help you open your heart for patience. Self-love, self-forgiveness, self-worth, humility, valuing the power of the mind, valuing human interaction and giving more than taking are things that I think let you go in the right direction.

Sounds a bit like “love-peace-harmony” talk? Yes, it does. Nevertheless, it’s a serious topic if you want to become profitable in trading.

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